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Gordon Robertson - Our Chairman

Gordon Robertson
Gordon Robertson

I frequently receive calls from investment advisors. I have over 30 years’ experience in this area so I would let them come and pitch to me and was surprised at what was being offered, namely, very expensive products that had a distinct lack of visibility on costs and performance. The fees tended to be about 8% to 125% of the first year’s payments and most of the products sold are tied up with insurance. Small wonder when people want quick access to their hard earned money they are shocked to discover that even after 5 years it is worth less than they have paid in. This is not what people deserve; As such I have launched www.investme.ae. This will give access to full investment advisory at a cost that is lower than the internal feel structures of a mutual fund.

Both expats and companies in the UAE need to convert currencies, be it for a house purchase, importing or exporting goods, paying salaries, Etc. I was surprised at how bad the exchange rate was from my bank. As such I launched, www.FxMe.ae was born. I now save over 3% on the bank exchange rates. This ow saves me more than euro 18,000 p.a. and this more than covers the cost of my health insurance for my entire family. SME’s have the potential to save even more.

InsureMe started as the result of a visit to a car show room. I ordered a car and typically they also offered me insurance, the price quoted seemed excessive and I was able to organise insurance for almost half the price with another company. I realised that because I was unable to make a direct comparison, it was easy to be sold something I perhaps didn’t want or need; this gave me the idea to launch a new company: www.insureme.ae. This gives the public the chance to compare insurance, not just pricing but also its additional benefits at just one glance, which they are then able to buy, 24 hours a day.

Thinking about insurance I also realised that SME’s were under serviced by the industry, they were not getting the advice they deserved, this led me to launch www.businessme.ae, which is designed to service those SME’s and allow us to provide them with an expert consultation from a professional.

I realized that SME’s and individuals shared some common problems. They were not saving for their retirement/pension, saving incorrectly and/or not ensuring that dependents, be it family or a company were fully protected in case of the sudden death of a key person or owner. Most people do not understand the consequences, some only think about today and don’t think about tomorrow. Hence I then launched www.willsme.ae. A will is a living document, many people offer Wills in the region based upon price, and many people buy from advisors that have minimal qualifications and experience. A Will is like an airbag, you want to make sure it works when you need it. As such we sourced the best of the few lawyers that handle Wills in the region. Ensuring that the Will you are provided with is fit for purpose.

I have organised all the companies under the ME group. This way people/companies coming to the region can cover many of their needs without going from place to place seeking different products. Not only do we give excellent advice, we also focus our time on developing personal relationships with each and every client, no matter how large or small.